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Pwn2Own hacking contest shrinks exploit prize pool

Hewlett-Packard's Zero Day Initiative today outlined the rules for its annual hacking contest, Pwn2Own, which will run March 18-19 with $465,000 in prize money. read more »

Ofcom gives go-ahead for white space broadband

Gaps in TV spectrum will boost wireless infrastructure and support future ‘Internet of Things’ networks read more »

Hitachi buys Pentaho to boost its IoT business

Pentaho's software will provide data analysis in IoT systems Hitachi Data Systems plans to build for vertical industries read more »

Microsoft, IBM back foundation for Node.js Web runtime platform

Joyent sponsored foundation aims for vendor neutral governance for the open-source software read more »

Microsoft fixes IE memory problems on Patch Tuesday

Windows and Office also got patches this month read more »

Linux Foundation security group focusses on key projects to prevent next Heartbleed

With open source vital to so much of the online economy the Core Infrastructure Initiative must prioritise read more »

Online travel agency Priceline hit with IBM patent writs

Priceline Group and subsidiaries, Kayak and others in the frame read more »

Microsoft products face increased out-of-band patching, predicts Tripwire

Patch life read more »

Office for Windows 10 is not free for everyone

Microsoft will license some touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps as it does for iOS and Android but... read more »

Lumension now patches third-party software inside Microsoft System Center

Puts patching under one hood read more »

Tesco Bank's online glitch fixed after two-day outage

Up to 300,000 customers affected read more »

Government digital leaders admit reform has barely begun

Much of the work led by GDS in this Parliament has been “remedial” rather than transformative read more »

Microsoft kicks off preview of Office for Windows 10

Microsoft today released previews of its touch-centric Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10, making good on the pledge two weeks ago to give customers an early look this month. read more »

Free Windows, end-of-XP spree, drops Microsoft revenue by $455m

Revenue generated from sales of Windows licenses to computer and device makers dropped 13% compared with last year read more »

Environment department pays for 212 Oracle licences per civil servant

FoI request finds Defra buys 1.8 million Oracle licences every year for about 8,500 staff at £186 a pop read more »

1,000 AstraZeneca employees will run its IT estate by 2016

The pharma giant is currently centralising its SAP infrastructure read more »

Microsoft to business: Don't worry about Windows 10, consumers will test it

Microsoft on Friday said consumers would become coal mine canaries who turn up bugs and problems in each Windows 10 update read more »

NEC aims at Big Data 'sweet spot' with new SAP Hana tool

The cluster-management software helps boost availability in the AWS cloud read more »

Outlook app for Android and iOS boosts Microsoft's mobile comeback

Even if Windows Phone never cracks the 5 percent mark in market share, Microsoft could end up reaping rewards. read more »

Car dealership Vertu Motors cuts app development time by two thirds with Progress OpenEdge

The dealership used Progress OpenEdge to develop its sales and distribution systems read more »

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