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BMW chooses OpenStack for private cloud over commercial vendors due to lock-in risk

Data centre chief Dr Stefan Lenz has doubts over long term support from alternative such as CloudStack read more »

Firefox risks irrelevance as mobile browsing booms

Without an effective mobile browser strategy, in four months Mozilla will fall to No. 4 in a five-browser market read more »

Hiring managers advise job seekers to contribute to open-source projects

Joining an open-source community isn't required to land a development job, but it could help read more »

The manual cost of managing open source and third-party code

Lacey Thoms, marketing specialist at Protecode read more »

Westminster View: Engineers are not to blame for mass surveillance

The widespread spying unveiled by Edward Snowden raises questions about the UK’s digital legislative framework that requires more technical knowledge from people on all sides of the debate, says cyber security shadow minister Chi Onwurah read more »

Free (with strings attached): Keeping track of open-source code

Open-source software is free, flexible and adaptable, but lax oversight can obliterate the benefits. Here's how IT is keeping track. read more »

Sizing up open source: Not so simple

Open-source software throws a wrench into traditional software evaluation criteria. Here's what to look for and what you'll be expected to contribute. read more »

Open your data to the world

Public APIs let customers connect to you in new ways. read more »

Health watchdog: G-Cloud was our Plan B, but it beat Plan A

CQC was on the hunt for an open source CMS tool, and found success with Ixis Drupal read more »

LibreOffice 4.0 - Six new features coming to open source suite

Wider compatibility and integration can already be found in the first release candidate for this upcoming major update. read more »

Hadoop creator Doug Cutting outlines vision of big data platform

Hadoop is not well-suited to the online, interactive data processing required for truly real-time data insights. Or is it? read more »

The 5 key forces driving open source today

From the rise of foundations to emerging revenue models, the open source movement is primed for even greater impact on tomorrow's technologies read more »

Linux voting machines re-ignite e-voting debate in Belgium

Electronic voting is not transparent and should stop, critics say read more »

London 2012 Olympics website uses open source for winning results

Like the athletes, London gets only one chance to reach peak performance under intense pressure read more »

Apache OpenOffice - Can it still compete with LibreOffice?

OpenOffice finally gets a major update; but it might be a case of too little, too late read more »

Open source driving business app development, survey finds

While usage is on the rise, many companies lack key internal controls and processes, software firm Sonatype warns read more »

Open source the key to cloud innovation

As the world begins to move to the cloud, where speed and scalability are critical, open source software is taking an even more intrinsic role read more »

7 points to consider when developing an app

Whether you want to build an app for internal use or to connect your company with the public, take a closer look at what's involved read more »

10 up-and-coming open source projects you should know about

Black Duck Software's 2011 'Rookies of the Year' list highlights up-and-coming newcomers. read more »

How to cope with HTML5's dueling standards bodies

What will be the future of the world wide wed, with so many different browsers and versions of HTML in play? read more »

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