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Forrester calls for IT culture overhaul

IT department culture often differs from corporate culture, according to a new study. read more »

VMware's hypervisor is free, but enterprises will still pay

In this FAQ we answer some key questions about VMware's newly free hypervisor. read more »

How to sell security

The answer is: Use psychology read more »

Linux replacements for your favourite Windows apps

x read more »

What you need to know about business intelligence TCO

Companies of any size and from any industry today have one thing atop their business agendas: business intelligence. read more »

Blocking and stopping network intruders

Don't let your organisation be a victim read more »

The 'cold boot' hack explained

An extraordinary - and unexpected - vulnerability in encryption has been found. read more »

Ten security holes to avoid

Filling these ones should cost nothing read more »

Pulling the plug on a project – gently

Saying farewell is hard to do read more »

For web apps, get a service guarantee

IT and corporate procurement departments are getting involved and extracting more service guarantees from vendors read more »

Health-care company happy with SaaS SLAs

he Schumacher Group has to comply with data privacy, protection and retention regulations read more »

Making the iPhone work for business

What works, even without the SDK read more »

Experts: When hard drives go bad, users make things worse

More than 30% of non-recoverable disk drives are caused by human error read more »

For management software, it's automate in 2008

Autom8, autom8.... read more »

Macworld: Hands on with the MacBook Air

Last night I dreamed of small Mac laptops and today those dreams were fulfilled. The MacBook Air has arrived, a third MacBook model that brings incredibly small size to the MacBook line at a premium price. read more »

Security in a virtual reality

/ read more »

Beating datacentre heat on the cheap

Cut energy usage in the datacentre by turning up the heat read more »

Virtualising the desktop

strap read more »

New methodologies for 'bottomless' e-mail storage

Managing swelling message stores has become a primary concern read more »

The Green Grid guide to datacentre management

What the Green Grid thinks read more »

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