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How to migrate from Windows Server 2003 successfully

10 steps to upgrading as end of support looms for Microsoft's popular operating system read more »

How-to: 10 tips for a successful OpenStack deployment

Banish unrealistic expectations by following these guidelines read more »

How to Use OpenStack in an SME

Worried about public cloud? Is Openstack right for you? read more »

How to pick a CPU when buying servers

As your IT team looks to upgrade your computational and storage systems, be sure you understand the choices and tradeoffs you face regarding your server CPU options. Some of our recommendations may seem, well, counterintuitive read more »

How to secure Big Data in Hadoop

You must make security a key part of your big data project right from the beginning read more »

How to prepare your business for digital disaster

Whether thieves or tornadoes threaten your company, protecting your assets from utter catastrophe is easier than you think. read more »

13 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid making them

To help ensure your ERP implementation is a success, we surveyed dozens of ERP experts read more »

How to choose a server for your small business

Thinking of buying a server for your growing business, but don't know where to start? read more »

How to pick a NAS storage system for your business

Find the right storage solution for your branch office or SME read more »

Deal with the firehose of enterprise data

Round the clock data gathering can lead to a capacity crisis read more »

How to cope with HTML5's dueling standards bodies

What will be the future of the world wide wed, with so many different browsers and versions of HTML in play? read more »

How to revitalise your PC sourcing strategy

Business mobility and Bring-your-own-device are changing the environment. Here's how to plan your next refresh: read more »

How to avoid cloud code breakage

Durability of your code is a key success factor to long-run success of CRM systems read more »

How to manage consumer devices with desktop virtualisation

Securing and managing mobile devices easier with VDI read more »

How to develop an effective business continuity plan

CFOs are responsible for ensuring a business still runs when a natural disaster or power failure strikes read more »

How to make enterprise collaboration tools more effective

Tips to increase adoption and monitor employee use read more »

How to monitor employee computer use the right way

Protect your business without intruding into workers' lives read more »

How security can rescue cloud computing

Security solutions help IaaS cloud offerings stand out read more »

Using COBIT to achieve green business-IT alignment

Use the tools you have toget results read more »

Getting troubled IT projects back on track

All your IT management skills will be excercised read more »

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