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How to manage a remote workforce

Practical tips to help IT support increasingly remote employees read more »

How to sort your Facebook feed by time on mobile

Some users criticize a mobile update making a time-sort feature harder to access read more »

Seven essentials for defending against DDoS attacks

As hackers get stealthier and more vicious, security leaders across all industries need to be prepared read more »

How a private cloud can save money and the environment

Ricoh Europe has developed a private cloud capable of consolidating 9 data centres into 2 read more »

How IT departments can prepare for a software licence audit

The best way, by far, to stay out of license trouble, is to maintain robust software asset management (SAM) processes read more »

How to use social media to create business value

Companies are still struggling with the cultural changes that a social business implementation requires read more »

Surface tablet's high profit margin reveals Microsoft strategy

New Windows RT tablet's 53% margin higher than any full-sized iPad, says IHS iSuppli read more »

How to prepare your business for digital disaster

Whether thieves or tornadoes threaten your company, protecting your assets from utter catastrophe is easier than you think. read more »

How to get the most out of project management software

Here are some tips on choosing the right software and how to get your employees to use it effectively read more »

How IT pros should gear up for corporate leadership

Moving into a business role is considered a major breakthrough for many IT practitioners, but it may not be suitable for everyone read more »

How to prepare for IT service delivery of the future

True service management evolution will be impossible without drastic, fundamental changes in automation read more »

How IT companies can attract (and retain) Generation Y employees

Young adults in their 20s are 'innovative, creative and hungry for job roles that they can grow in in an ongoing capacity' read more »

5 reasons to use social CRM for support and services

Social media can support customers faster, discover potential fires quicker and sell more intimately read more »

How IT leaders should negotiate a SaaS partner contract

It's time to talk when an organisation finds a SaaS provider's standard contract doesn't align with its needs read more »

How to build a data protection plan which ensures application recovery

Why application recovery is challenging read more »

How to get your IT projects to deliver against business expectation

Some guidelines on getting excellence into the delivery process read more »

Three steps to making your meetings productive

Minimise the anguish and get the most out of precious time by following this expert's advice read more »

How to design a successful RACI project plan

Integrating the RACI model into an organisation's Project Life Cycle (PLC) creates a powerful synergy read more »

How to avoid five common email management mistakes

Develop and implement your own action plan to avoid these pitfalls read more »

How to manage your interns - LinkedIn tells you how

Managing interns can be tricky but it can prove to be a very useful relationship read more »

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