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The best antivirus for your business. We have partnered with AV-Test.org to bring you the best antivirus for business. Looking for security software for your office? Here are the 10 best antivirus for business in the UK 2016.

We base this best antivirus listing on tests carried out by AV-Test.org in October of 2015. Every business antivirus that makes it on to this list is worthy of your consideration, as all offer good levels of protection. The ranking is ours, based on AV-Test's scores and our judgment of usability, price and availability. Read on for the best business antivirus of 2016. (See also: The 10 riskiest Internet domains firewall admins should block.)

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Credit: Bitdefender

Best business antivirus 2015: 1. Bitdefender Endpoint Security

Bitdefender scored 100 percent on protection, performance and usability score from AV-Test.org.

Bitdefender protected against both zero-day threats and known malware in AV-Test's lab, Bitdefender's Endpoint Security is our number one business antivirus. It has minimal effect on performance, and generated no false positives.

Its performance is two seconds faster than the industry standard making it one of the most responsive software on the market. 

Bitdefender Endpoint Security also offers 24/hr technical support.

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Credit: Kaspersky

Best business antivirus 2015: 2. Kaspersky Lab Small Office Security

A great business antivirus product from Kaspersky, Small Office Security earned a perfect score from AV-Test.org with full marks on performance, usability and protection. 

And there were no false positives making Kaspersky Lab Small Office Security a highly recommended product.

One downside is that this software cannot track lost or stolen devices. But other than that it is a well-rounded, top scoring product.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 3. Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Security

Kasperksy's Endpoint antivirus offers almost perfect protection agains known threats and zero-days, and generated only a minor performance hit.

AV-Test saw no false positives and is designed to protect whole networks. It is up there with the best, but not quite the best, in both respects.

A downside is that running updates will slow down your machine, so scheduling them when your PC is not in full use is best.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 4. Trend Micro Office Scan

Trend Micro Office Scan is solid business antivirus, that offers perfect protection at a slight performance cost.

There was a false positive in AV-Test's labs but the overall shining performance should settle any doubts you may have about this solution.

In addition, Trend Micro offers an accurate spam filter and effectively blocks malware. A top contender for your office security.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 5. F-Secure Client Security

F-Secure's solution provides users with 100 percent protection with also 100 percent effective against zero-day and known threats, and had only a slight effect on performance.

There were, however, a handful of false positives meaning that F-secure did lose out on a top rating from AV-Test.org.

However, this solution does provide access to multiple administrators via a centralised policy manager.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 6. Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec offers perfect protection but does suffer minor affects on performance and usability. We like Symantec's business antivirus - a lot.

However, there were a handful of false positives in AV-Test's labs.

Symantec Endpoint Protection does provide a central management system and provides a relatively small download time.

However, this solution does require a sizable amount of RAM which should be part of the consideration process for businesses.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 7. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control scored well under AV-test.org testing with perfect protection and usability ratings. It did stumble on performance, however.

The Sophos dashboard is sometimes sluggish and web filtering often slow. But in terms of protection, this product cannot be faulted.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 8. Intel's McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee produces a business-focused antivirus that offers perfect usability and near perfect protection. This solution does lose a point in performance and recorded one false positive during AV-Test.org testing.

McAfee Endpoint Security boasts excellent dashboards and enviable screen reports. 

However, like Symantec the solution does consume a lot of RAM so making sure your PC is capable of running McAfee is vital.

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Best business antivirus 2015: 9. G Data antivirus business

G Data's antivirus Business offers great protection, but in AV-Test's lab it allowed a tiny fraction of zero-day threats to slip through.

In tests, G Data encountered the odd false positive but suffered the most snags in performance with a slow five second influence on computer speed, against the industry average of two seconds. 

But don't let that put you off! This is still a great product that provides good protection at a an affordable price. 

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Credit: Seqrite

Best business antivirus 2015: 10. Seqrite Endpoint Security

Definitely worth your consideration, Seqrite's product for business does let itself down in performance with an eight second average computer speed (against industry average of two seconds), but does scores full marks in usability.

Seqrite provides detailed reports and a good safe browsing function but can be sluggish and slow down your PC.

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