Raspberry Pi hacks - Linux laptops and supercomputers

The Raspberry Pi is a stripped-down Linux PC consisting of a tiny circuit board, an ARM-based CPU, and a graphics processor - and inspiration for creative hacks


Since the $35 credit card-size Raspberry Pi went on sale last February, hackers have made it into a game console to a Linux laptop to a supercomputer. And an estimated one million PC hobbyists have snatched one up. The UK-based Raspberry Pi Foundation says it's become a phenomenon. "There's no sign of a slowdown in demand," says Mike Buffham, of Premier Farnell, one of two distributors.

The Pi's aim was to inspire kids to write code and build computers, but they're also a hit with adults. Its core is a stripped-down Linux PC with a tiny circuit board, an ARM-based CPU, a graphics processor, and several pins and ports. And from that blank circuit board of a canvas, the creativity flows.

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