11 mobile business intelligence apps for employee's iOS and Android devices

Employees are using their smartphones to do their work more-and-more. Here are great BI tools that will function when they're on the move.


Mobile business intelligence provides real-time sales, revenue and customer data in dashboards small enough to fit on an employee's tablet or smartphone screen. You need an app that is easy for business users to get to grips with, provides security and integrates well with your core apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Reporting Services, Box and Cognos amongst others. 

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1. Roambi

Roambi Analytics provides a mobile business app that is intuitive to use and easy to integrate with systems that range from Salesforce, SAP and IBM Cognos to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Reporting Services. This iOS and Andoird app, has featured in Fortune, is fast and has good graphics, too. Roambi Analytics ES4.4 for the iPad, for example, offers rich and crisp graphics and colours, while charts are interactive and fast to load. Enterprise (minimum fifty users) will set you back $59 dollars (around £40 per person).

Platform: iOS and Android. 

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2. MicroStrategy

Whether on the road or in a conference room with a large LED display, MicroStrategy's Mobile App Platform delivers users snapshot dashboards. The app provides interactive scorecards and the capability to use the iOS app Airplay to present and control visualised data on to a TV. MicroStrategy also includes transactional apps; these provide real-time interactions designed to trigger business processes in an internal system. MicroStrategy Mobile differentiates itself from other mobile BI toolswith its support for multi-language content, offline analysis capabilities, and customised alerts that use Push notifications when specific thresholds or criteria have been met. It costs $600 dollar per named user (around £386).

Platform: Android, iOS

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TIBCO Spotfire

3. TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO spotfire is analytics software-as-a-service that is cross platform. It integrates with data source types, ranging from SQL Server and SAP Business Information Warehouse to XML, Atom and RSS.

The firm acquired PushBI in 2013.

Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile

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Microsoft Power BI

4. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft's free app lets you browse your Office 365 sites to easily find all your reports in the cloud and interact with your live reports by filtering, sorting, forecasting, and highlighting data.

Use the Windows share charm to quickly share Office 365 based reports with your colleagues.

Platform: Windows Phone and iOS; coming soon to Android.

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MobiWeave provides a good app

5. Mobi Office

Free Mobi Office app provides viewing capabilities for existing SharePoint reports and charts, as well as Microsoft Business Intelligence and OFFice 365. Support for Dropbox and Box.net is promised soon. Pro offers additional functionality, including the capability to download and view Reporting Services reports from multiple reporting servers and bookmark and history features for quicker navigation. Price on request

Platform: iOS and Android.

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6. Tableau

The free Tableau dashboarding tool allows you to publish to the server regardless of what device you are on - Android or iOS. 

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7. Yellowfin

With personalised dashboards, Yellowfin provides mobile BI tools that are easy to customise. Based on the Yellowfin client-based business intelligence app, it lets anyone create custom reports and dashboards that can be published and accessed from any platform or device. Yellowfin has incorporated enterprise collaboration capabilities within the mobile app, which lets you collaborate and discuss issues relating to specific charts and associate a conversation with specific reports or data points. It provides both online and offline work modes, the latter of which is helpful if you need to see reports and data while on the go, and offers a free trial. Natch.

Platform: Android, iOS

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8. Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft has a browser-based architecture for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Features for end users include an ad hoc design environment that allows for on-the-fly creation of new reports or dashboards. A mobile SDK is available for developers, and IT departments can use server-side authentication for security management.

Platform: iOS and Android

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IBM Cognos Mobile

9. IBM Cognos Mobile

For organisations already using IBM's Cognos platform, Cognos Mobile provides the capability to view BI content from many types of mobile devices, to create multiple dashboards and to push those reports to devices. (This app does require IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content in the backend and Cognos Mobile Server.) Cognos Mobile provides drill up, drill down and drill through capabilitieson and offline. 

Platform: BlackBerry and iOS native and web clients; Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile web access

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10. Cyfe

The small business tool of choice. With its cloud-based service and mobile app, Cyfe provides users with all-in-one business dashboards for a monthly subscription fee. Dashboards are easy to set up and include ready-to-use widgets that connect to social media, marketing, monitoring and sales data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, Twitter, Gmail, Amazon Web Services and FeedBurner. It also connects to internal databases and lets you combine internal and external data to create dashboards.

Platform: Android, iOS

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11. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

If you use BusinessObjects (SAP OE BI platform), SAP BusinessObjects Mobile provides robust analytics and interactive charts for the mobile workforce. Since this app uses the existing SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, it provides a strong level of security and flexibility. Using SAP StreamWork, you can discuss different reports with fellow employees; such collaboration capabilities make BusinessObjects Mobile a useful enterprise tool. The app is free to existing BusinessObjects users. Works on and offline.

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry iOS, Symbian, Widows Mobile

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