The 11 fastest supercomputers on the planet

China retains the number one spot on the TOP500 list for the seventh consecutive year


The latest edition of the TOP500 supercomputers was released on 14 November. China and the United States are now level in the battle for global dominance, with 171 systems apiece in the new rankings, with the US accounting for 33.9 percent of the total to China's 33.3 percent. The two nations are also steaming ahead in aggregate Linpack performance (a measure of a computer's floating-point rate of execution).

The two countries can ill afford to rest on their laurels while a series of hungry rivals from around the world breathe down their necks. Also on the latest list are a number of new entries, while some perennial contenders have enjoyed rises and endured falls. We countdown the 11 fastest supercomputers in the world.

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