AWS: 10 defining moments for the cloud giant

Amazon Web Services turned 10 this week, ComputerworldUK looks at some of the biggest events in its history


Earlier this week, Amazon Web Services turned 10 years old.  Launched by online bookseller Amazon in 2006, it has gone on to help transform the IT industry in an era of widespread cloud computing.

This has involved taking on some of the biggest names in tech. Where the likes of Dell, HP and IBM have struggled to transition their businesses to meet demand for the public, AWS has soared out in front.

According to the latest Gartner estimates, AWS’s cloud business is 10 times larger than its nearest 14 competitors combined. Not bad for a company that was once considered a ‘risky bet’ for the retail giant.

Despite these successes, Jeff Bezo’s firm faces some significant challenges as the company moves into its second decade.

Microsoft and Google have increased their focus on public cloud in recent years, and present a significant threat to AWS as large businesses consider how to move more workloads out of the data centre.  Oracle, IBM Softlayer and other OpenStack-based vendors remain a threat too, with many predicting that cloud uptake is still really in its infancy.

Here are some of the defining moments of AWS in the past ten years.

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