8 best cloud management tools for business 2016: How to manage your cloud computing usage and costs

Keeping track of cloud computing costs can be difficult. Here are the best cloud management tools for business 2016


Most open cloud computing platforms run a pay-as-you-go model and this can make managing the general usage and costs difficult for many companies. To help, we have compiled a list of the best cloud computing management tools for businesses that aim to manage costs, usage and ultimately optimise the cloud.

Here are some of the best cloud management tools for business in 2016.

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Cloud management tools: Cloudability

Cloudability provides 'data-driven cloud cost management', using detailed metrics to offer businesses insight into their cloud spending.

The software monitors cloud usage and generates budget alerts and daily email reports to keep businesses in the loop with their finances. Cloudability also suggests best practices for optimising the cloud and API access throughout. 

Cost: Depending on individual cloud usage Cloudability runs from $99 per month (pro level) to $2000 per month (enterprise level).

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Cloud management tools: Cloudyn

Cloudyn's software monitors cloud resources, making practical suggestions for optimising usage. Cloudyn will also provide cloud 'trends' reports to make sure businesses are not paying more than they should be. All this information is available on a dashboard and via email alerts. 

Cost: Lite is free, premium $299 per month and enterprise requires custom pricing.

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Cloud management tools: Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser uses analytics and smart tags to illustrate a business’s cloud usage and provide suggestions for optimisation. It offers history reports of businesses cloud usage and allows thresholds to be set and users alerted when an overspend is about to occur.

Cost: Pricing available on request.

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Cloud management tools: Dynatrace

While Dynatrace application monitoring software is not specifically designed for cloud cost management, it does offer cloud monitoring services within in a dashboard format, aiming to 'eliminate all blind spots'. 

Cost: Free trial and custom pricing available.

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Cloud management tools: IBM's SmartCloud cost management

IBM's SmartCloud provides cost monitoring with tracking and usage reports also available. SmartCloud provides an insight into which area of businesses cloud usage is underperforming and where is reaching optimum performance. 

SmartCloud also has a cost-rating tool that tracks costs and business processes against budgets meaning users have greater control over their cloud finances. 

Cost: Custom pricing is a subscription basis.

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Cloud management tools: RightScale

RightScale's aim is to bring simplicity to businesses cloud operations and drive visibility. This should in turn enable customers to easily manage their cloud and its costs. RightScale provides detailed reporting and history tracking. 

RightScale's cloud ROI cost calculator allows users to determine cost benefits and make informed business decisions. 

Cost: Free trial available and free for up to five users. For more, custom pricing is available too.

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Cloud management tools: BMC

BMC cloud management has a cloud cost management service called 'truesight capacity optimisation' which aims to bring about cloud cost effectiveness and cost optimisation. 

BMC's dashboard provides reports that allow users to monitor costs and track past transactions.

Cost: Free trial and custom prices available on request.

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Cloud management tools: cloudMatrix

cloudMatrix is from Gravitant, an IBM company and looks after budget, usage and costs through its centralised cost management system. cloudMatrix provides estimated billing which allows businesses to factor in fututre costs. 

Cost: Custom prices available on request.

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