IT salary expectations for 2016 UK - how much should UK IT pros be earning next year?

Salary expectation figures from Robert Half show that pay for IT jobs is on the rise


How much should you earn next year?  Read on to see how salaries are set to increase for IT professional jobs in the UK - whether you are a CIO, network engineer or mobile developer...

IT professionals' salaries are set to rise next year as UK firms invest in technology to drive business growth through innovation, resulting in higher demand for technical skills.

That is according to recruitment specialist Robert Half's latest 2016 Salary Guide, which claims that on average UK IT professionals will see thier salaries boosted by 4.0% next year.

The report points out that security, project management and networking jobs are among those expected to see the biggest increases, while mobile developers will see the biggest gains at 7.4 percent. 

However pay is set to grow across the board as confidence among employers remains high.   

The report claims that more than four in 10 UK companies plan to increase the number of IT jobs and that this growth in demand was "being fuelled by the need to expand teams to cope with new IT projects and initiatives, moving to cloud-based infrastructure and product or service expansion".

So which roles will see the biggest increase? Read on to see what you should be paid in 2016…

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