Best browsers for privacy 2017: What's the most private web browser?

Today, more than ever keeping your data private is very important. Here are the best browsers for privacy out there.


With the Investigatory Powers Act requiring internet service providers keep records of each user's internet browsing history, an increasing number of people are looking to private browsers to keep their information away from prying eyes.

And while a private browser isn't 100 percent confidential, most promise to delete any cookies and tracking from your internet activity.

The best way to secure your browser information is to use a virtual private network (VPN), as it encrypts the data running between your device and your server.

Most of the browsers listed will have a VPN pre-installed, along with lots of reliable best practices and secure add-ons.

So, with a number of options out there for private browsing, we take a look at the best browsers on the market for privacy. Please note this list is not ranked.

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