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The 10 riskiest Internet domains firewall admins should block

Set your filters – some of the new Internet domains are not ones users should visit, even accidentally read more »

Spotting fake invoice scams – what UK SMEs need to know

How do you know an invoice is genuine? With great difficulty, it turns out read more »

Are public Wi-Fi hotspots a security risk? Security risks of using public Wi-Fi explained

Public Wi-Fi is used by many to avoid big roaming bills. Can its risks be mitigated? read more »

Cyber security top CIO concern as Coats re-lists on London Stock Exchange

Coats global CIO says organisation had to beef-up cyber security before company re-listing on London Stock Exchange read more »

Android security in the enterprise - can the worst flaws be fixed?

How do Android's growing list of vulnerabilities affect enterprises and is there much they can do about them? read more »

Porn in Parliament: a problem with people or software?

The headline of 250,000 visits to porn sites in Parliament last year sounds shocking – but the truth is more mundane read more »

Despite warnings, majority of firms still run some Windows Server 2003

Problems with Windows Server 2003 will mount exponentially as support is cut off read more »

One week left until the end of Server 2003, but migration countdown lacks XP 'buzz'

Camwood CEO Adrian Foxall discusses why businesses need to migrate away from Server 2003 - and quickly read more »

Security threats and why you never want to name anything

Do you say User Based Analysis or Active Breach Detection? Call it what you will, just don't be the one to name it read more »

Software developers are failing to implement crypto correctly, data reveals

Lack of specialised training for developers and crypto libraries that are too complex lead to widespread encryption failures read more »

Opinion: US surveillance programs are killing the tech industry

Massive government surveillance, will cost US tech more than $35 billion from foreign customers by 2016 read more »

US government hack puts sensitive data at risk of secondary phishing attacks

Data theft puts military, economic, and foreign political strategy data at risk read more »

Locker ransomware author apologises for actions and posts decrypt keys

Keys for tens of thousands of PCs posted as promised with Bitcoin ransom addresses read more »

Advanced threat protection: Key insights from the ComputerworldUK cybersecurity conference

Experts in security give insight into protecting your firm read more »

10 things you need to know about the new EU data protection regulation

Nigel Hawthorn of Skyhigh Networks offers his advice on meeting the demands of the EU's new data protection regime read more »

Increased encryption a double-edged sword for the enterprise

Governments cry foul over encryption, but enterprises have problems too read more »

Does DevOps hurt or help security?

IT is up to IT leaders to drive the right behaviour read more »

6 hard truths security pros must learn to live with

Caveat emptor: Security solutions will always fall short in addressing the fundamental flaws of securing IT systems read more »

The mobile-enabled enterprise: Are we there yet?

The potential is considerable, but plenty of challenges remain read more »

NHS tops the list for serious data breaches last year

The UK's data watchdog's naughty list reveals firms that were investigated for data breaches read more »

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