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Q&A with Antoine Leblond: With Windows 8, the choice is yours

Windows 8 is embracing developers but tablets will never replace laptops read more »

iOS 6 - The best new features for business users

Apple's latest mobile OS is official. Here's a list of the features that should make your work life a lot easier read more »

Windows 8 Release Preview - Enterprise features worth evaluating

Tablet-friendly Windows 8 delivers security, networking and mobile features that enterprise IT should test now to implement later read more »

Windows 8 update: Steve Ballmer and the 80-inch Windows 8 tablet

80-inch Windows 8 tablets, Office for iOS and Flash in Metro IE10 - what's next? read more »

Microsoft upgrade avalanche a challenge for IT pros

Corporate technology managers must take time when deciding on Windows and Office upgrade path read more »

Microsoft server and tool upgrades demand attention from CIOs

Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, System Center 2012 and Visual Studio 11 undergo refresh cycle read more »

Windows 8 Pro: Features IT pros need to know about

The "PC versions" are divided into "Windows 8" and "Windows 8 Pro," a simplified structure that harkens back to the Windows XP days of two versions, Home and Professional read more »

Why switching OS platforms is not a security fix

The Mac platform now finds itself in the crosshairs of malware developers along with Windows, but that isn't a reason to switch to Linux. read more »

What's new in Ubuntu 12.04 'Precise Pangolin' Beta 1

Eager for an early taste of Ubuntu's new Head-Up Display? This is the place to check it out. read more »

Burning questions about Windows 8

Here are questions we're dying to know the answers to read more »

Why Microsoft is launching Windows 8 at the Mobile World Congress

Betting big on mobile devices read more »

Is Mac OS X Mountain Lion the right cat for business?

Apple continue their push into the enterprise with the new OS read more »

WOA or x86 - Which Windows tablet to choose?

Much depends on how 'free' Office apps will be on ARM-based tablets read more »

Symantec should not go back on Android malware claim

Symantec has backed off its earlier claims that apps in the Android Market were malware, but still says the apps are adware or spyware read more »

Can Windows 8 really become the OS for everything?

Testing the pre-beta version has produced interesting results read more »

No demand for Windows 8 tablets? Don't trust predictive surveys

Analysts won't be able to make a real prediction about Windows 8 tablets until the operating system is beta read more »

Linux lovers should try FreeBSD for stable systems

Unix derivative operating system is a sleeper hit read more »

What a year: London Stock Exchange in severe IT difficulty, BlackBerry falls flat, bank email archives blown open

We hand-pick the top news stories of 2011 read more »

Windows Store makes a special allowance for open source

With its app developer agreement, Microsoft makes a place for free and open source software in its upcoming Windows Store read more »

Why you should be using Linux Mint 12

Multiple desktop options set this new release apart, but the best part for many users may well be that Unity isn't one of them read more »

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