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New smartphone OSes bet on web techs and improved UIs

Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu for phones face an uphill battle as they challenge Android and iOS read more »

Fedora Linux 18 'Spherical Cow' - Five notable new features

In addition to including the MATE desktop, this latest release also adds UEFI Secure Boot support read more »

BlackBerry 10 - Things you need to know

Here's a look at what you should know before the BlackBerry 10 mobile OS launch event on January 30 read more »

Can ultrabooks make a comeback in 2013?

Can the Ultrabook bounce back from dismal sales last year, or will ultra-thin laptops be squeezed out of the PC market? read more »

10 reasons why Windows 8 makes sense for business

Though the cost and effort of upgrading to a new OS can be a challenge, small businesses should consider switching to Windows 8. read more »

Windows Server 2012 cannot be ignored - Tech to watch in 2013

Server upgrade is crammed with new features and can enable greater networking possibilities read more »

After 2012 launch splash, Windows 8 faces enterprise scepticism

The new OS arrives on the heels of Windows 7 enterprise deployments, and its new UI worries some IT managers read more »

Windows 7 selected by eight out of 10 customers, says US PC builder

Given the choice, Puget Systems' customers ignore Windows 8 and buy Windows 7 machines instead read more »

Windows Blue - How it could reinvent Windows (or sink Windows 8)

What does Windows Blue's standardised SDK and yearly release schedule mean to you? read more »

Windows 8 sales numbers disagreements

Microsoft, analysts don't see eye to eye on popularity of new desktop OS. read more »

Windows 8 chief Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft - What happened?

Mastermind of new operating system is out read more »

Forget Windows 8, give us Windows 7.8

A billion users don't have the right hardware to run Windows 8, even if they wanted to. Here's how Microsoft could give them the best of Windows 8 read more »

Windows 8 overview

Learning a new interface can be challenging, so should you give Windows 8 and its new Start screen a chance? read more »

Microsoft targets virtualisation with Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 combo

The real story of Windows 8 is that Microsoft has created an unmatched system for running virtualised environments read more »

The 5 key forces driving open source today

From the rise of foundations to emerging revenue models, the open source movement is primed for even greater impact on tomorrow's technologies read more »

Windows 8 dubbed 'puzzling and confusing' by Microsoft co-founder

Billionaire Paul Allen wades in on the new OS read more »

iOS 6 device management - What companies should know

Apple's new OS takes evolutionary steps toward better mobile management read more »

Is Windows 8 the answer to consumerisation of IT woes?

Will the security, networking and management features of Windows 8 help Microsoft tablets take a bite out of Apple in the enterprise? read more »

Microsoft customers see benefits of cloud OS; not so keen on Windows 8

Customers are wondering whether the end users they serve will see enough value to climb the learning curve for the new OS read more »

Windows to go: The Dos and Don'ts

Booting Windows 8 from a USB drive can get a bit complicated, so here are tips to make it easier for you read more »

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