RAMMon is a handy tool that will tell you everything you need to know about your PC's RAM.

The program will instantly tell you how much you have installed and in which configuration: for example, 3 x 1GB DIMMs, 2 x 2GB DIMMS, whatever it might be.

Maybe you're looking to buy more memory? RAMMon includes details like your current RAM type and speed, the manufacturer of your existing DIMMs, even their part numbers, so it's easy to buy more of the same, or something compatible.

And if you're looking to overclock your RAM or tweak its memory timings then you'll appreciate the information on offer here, from the CAS latencies supported by your RAM, to the minimum accepted value for each timing: tCK, tAA, tRCD, tRP, tRAS and more.

Please note, RAMMon is free for personal use only. Business licences cost $15 each (with reductions if you're buying in quantity), see the PassMark site for more.

1. Added support for retrieving SPD parameters from DDR4 modules
2. Added support for Intel XMP 2.0 extended SPD timings for DDR4 modules
3. Added decoding of SPD parameters specific to certain DDR3 module type
4. Fixed SPD decoding of RAM module manufacturer information
5. Added support for Haswell-E chipsets (for DDR4)
6. Added support for Ivy Bridge-EX/Haswell-EX 2nd memory controller
7. Added support for nForce MCP79 secondary SMBus
8. Added handling for Intel ICH's built-in hardware semaphore to prevent SMBus device contention with other threads
9. Corrected a crash bug when decoding DDR3 SPD Module type
10.Fixed crash bug on getting SPD data (if failed to create local mutex)
11.Added checksum verification when searching for SMBIOS header
12.Fixed buffer overrun when parsing end of SMBIOS structure

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Pity it's not portable, but still, RAMMon is a quick and easy way to get the low-down on every aspect of your RAM