Calendar Magic is a free and feature-packed tool which can view and print plain text calendars of various types (Gregorian, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Islamic Arithmetical - 8 variants, and more); manage date-based reminders; set alarm clocks and timers; display solar and lunar eclipse data, equinox, solstice and Moon phase dates, and more.

Most of these functions do far more than you might expect, too. For example, you don't just have an option to view the Egyptian, Vietnamese and any of 26 calendar systems: the program can also display a month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of any two of these.

Similarly, the "This is your life" function doesn't just display the day of the week when you born. It also tells you the number of days you've lived, the day of the week for your next birthday, your Chinese birth sign, your Thai birthday colour, your Islamic calendar age, and your date of birth in all the supported calendar systems.

Calendar Magic includes a host of calculators. A few are time-related, for example giving you the number of days between any two dates. But the rest cover topics like geometry, statistics, fractions, factors and prime numbers. Some of these - the Scientific and Expression calculators, perhaps - are significant programs in their own right.

The final "Other Utilities" section has even more conversion tools and calculators. The highlight is probably the Unit Converter, which supports conversion of units in more than 80 categories (acceleration, area, capacitance, flow rate, length, distance, mass and more). But as usual, Calendar Magic piles on the extras, and you also get everything from a BMI tool to a pregnancy calculator.

Version 18.5 brings:
    - When reminders are listed on the main screen, if two consecutive reminders occur on the same date, you may now reverse the order in which they are listed by left-clicking one of the two reminder messages and then using the Ctrl+UpArrow or Ctrl+DownArrow keyboard key combination as appropriate. Any such change is "sticky".
    - Calendar Magic now auto-detects whether the Windows OS is 32-bit or 64-bit and then uses the appropriate YAFU executable.
    - Added the following Russian cities and towns - Baley, Bodaibo, Chelyuskin, Cherskiy, Druzhina, Dudinka, Evensk, Khapcheranga, Khasan, Khatanga, Mirny, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Okha, Othosk, Palana, Pevek, Provideniya, Salekhard, Tiksi, Tura, Turukhansk, Tynda, Udachny, Uelen, Ust-Ordynskiy, Vanavara and Verkhoyansk.
    - Added Armed Forces Day (last Saturday in June) to the list of observed days for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
    - Added a data file (Commonwealth capitals.tsp) for the 71 countries and territories sending athletes to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The interface is a little basic and we experienced one or two technical glitches, but for the most part Calendar Magic worked very well. It's a great program with a huge number of date and math-related features; there really is something here for everyone.