Find your world on Palringo. Connect with people all over the world who love the things you love. With over 350,000 different social groups, you can meet new people who share your interests - be they games, films, football, tv, or anything else - chat one-on-one or in groups and play games with your community.


Some people follow, some people lead. Create your own Palringo Group to chat, make friends, and build a community.


Games are best played with others. We have some interesting announcements coming soon. Watch this space.


* GROUP CHAT: Chat and share pictures with your friends and groups
* VOICE MESSAGING: Palringo’s VM service lets you record and send audio clips
* ADD-ONS: Liven up your groups with Bots and Message Packs. Send a personal note bursting with hearts to the one you love, create your own memes or set the mischief bot loose in your group!
* SHARE: We value your privacy and won’t ask for lengthy, unnecessary details. Share only the information you want others to see.

What's New in Version 7.6

This update is brought to you by the word Chat:
- Chat Switching - We know you lot are a chatty bunch and that switching quickly between your different chats is a key part of the Palringo experience. So we’ve reworked the side menu to hark back to the days of easy chat switching!
- Chat Starter – A handy new button that lets you quickly filter through your contacts and groups to start chats more easily.
- Bug fixes for iOS 10.

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There are several universal chat clients out there, but Palringo is accomplished, polished and snappy. It’s supports all popular networks.