A name like "Ultra Virus Killer" might make you think this program will strip your PC of malware all on its own, but the truth is a little more complicated: the package is more about providing tools to help you manually find and remove unwanted programs, then repair any damage they might have caused.

And so you get modules to view running processes, and the DLLs and other files they're using. The program allows you to control Windows startup programs, services, drivers and more. An alternate streams manager looks for suspect NTFS streams; you get a program to help you delete files or folders, even if they're in use; and there are modules to clean and repair your PC, even protect your Registry from modification, so maybe helping you to avoid infection in the first place.

Much of this will sound very familiar, but the program offers far more than you'll expect. The "Process Manager" isn't some feeble take on Task Manager, for instance. It's specifically oriented to malware hunting, with tools to delete multiple processes at the same time, to verify a file signature, to pause and resume a process, to search for it on Google, run process-specific checks at VirusTotal/ ThreatExpert/ Runscanner, and more.

And there's the same level of power just about everywhere you look. The "System Repair" module, for example, has tools to reset your host file and DNS to their default state; reset your PC's group policies; reset your Registry and NTFS security settings; get Windows Update working again; install or update various key components (DirectX/ Java/ Flash/ .NET); clear all your temporary folders, re-register all Windows DLLs, and the list goes on.

There are also dangers here. Resetting Registry permissions, re-registering DLLs and so on might solve some very difficult problems, but should things go wrong then they could also seriously damage your PC. And UVK does have several components which may have adverse effects (the Immunize function may prevent some malware infections, but it can also interfere with legitimate installations). This isn't a program to use unless you know what you're doing, and always have a full system backup to hand.

If you're an experienced Windows user, though, UVK has a lot to offer, being absolutely packed with effective malware hunting, PC maintenance and repair options.

Version Changelog)

  The application was completely rewritten in C++. The major differences in this new rewrite are listed below.

  All lists now have a quick search feature, which allows to quickly find an item in the respective list by entering a portion of the item's text in the search input field. To quickly use this feature, use the Ctrl+F key combination.

  The lists load much faster, and the following sections now have a resizable window: System Immunization, System Repair and System Info.

  Added options to immunize Chrome and Firefox in the System Immunization section. Other improvements to this section.

  Added a "Quick load" feature to the system repair section. This feature shows a drop-down list containing the UVKSR files already loaded and those present in well known directoried such as %InstallSourceDir%, and allows to instantly load one of the listed files, or unload the current one.

  Added a new "Save hilighted App in..." context menu to the System Repair list, which allows to export a custom third party app to another  UVKSR file, making it easy to transfer your favourite apps to all your UVKSR files.

  The System Info section now also lists installed programs.

  The "Misc tools" and "IT/Geek tools" sections were merged into a new one: Tools and tweaks. This new section not only has all the features of the previous two sections, but it also has many enhancements and new tweaks and tools. The only exception is the previous "Profile backup" feature, which will be replaced in the near future with a new section: Backup and recovery. The help page of the new sections will be available soon.

  The "Options" section also had many enhancements and new available options, so you can setup the application to behave exactly the way you want.

  The portable packages no longer create a start menu folder.

  The application's file layout was changed, and now it always installs both 32 and 64-bit files. If you run the 32-bit main executable (UVK_en.exe) in a 64-bit environment, it will automatically run the 64-bit executable instead (UVK_en64.exe). This allowed us to also provide the application as a simple ZIP archive, where you can put your license, and favourite scripts and other files, making it ideal for remote use.

  New behavior: When %InstallSourceDir% is not defined (for instance, when you use the ZIP version for the first time in a PC), it will default to the "Third party" folder, inside the application's folder itself. So, if you want to put default black lists and scripts in your custom zip, just place them in the "Third party" folder, inside the ZIP file.

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While it leaves you to do most of the work, Ultra Virus Killer is an excellent suite of manual malware hunting tools, and there are some very useful PC maintenance and repair modules thrown in, too