AVG AntiVirus FREE 2017 is AVG's first release since the company was acquired by AVAST.

The program aims to blend the best technologies from each company. For example, the engine is AVAST, but the "Software Analyzer" heuristics come from AVG, and you also get AVG's ZEN device manager.

The new release gets real-time protection against zero-day malware via "CyberCapture, the company’s proprietary, cloud-based smart file scanner."

There are no more update delays, either. Even the free build now gets you "Pushed Priority Updates", ensuring you're always equipped with the very latest malware detection and blocking abilities.

A new online shield blocks access to malicious links and websites.

You're now able to install and run AVG AntiVirus FREE alongside other security products. The program automatically installs using a new "Passive Mode" to avoid any conflicts or issues.

The program still offers all the regular malware detection and blocking features of previous editions, and a revamped interface makes it easier to explore and use.

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The new AVG AntiVirus FREE has gained some welcome extras from the new AVAST input, and we'll be interested to see how that translates into protection levels.