Keep an eye on your network wherever you are. With PRTG for iOS, your iPhone is your network monitor. PRTG for iOS is a feature rich and easy-to-use client for administrators who use the PRTG Network Monitor* to monitor their networks.

PRTG for iOS is the one and only, clear and simple iOS viewer for the entire network monitoring environment. The iPhone or iPad requests the monitoring data directly from the PRTG server (version 13.x or higher) and PRTG for iOS displays it in an easily accessible way. You can set up a connection to your own server or use the preconfigured demo access to obtain a clear picture of the possibilities.

PRTG for iOS covers all aspects of network monitoring:
• Alarms with Push Notifications
• Today Widget for your quick status check (iOS 8+)
• Up-/downtime
• Traffic and usage
• Zoomable charts for the last 48 hours, 30 days, and 365 days
• Maps, Libraries and Logs
• Direct access to the PRTG web interface's reporting and analysis functions
• View your reports
• Access the ticket system

* You can monitor about 20 devices with PRTG 100 for free, bigger licenses will be subject to a charge after 30 days.

What's New in Version 16.3.18

New: Comments are now iOS native.
Improved: We improved the iOS 10 compatibility of the app.
Improved: Touch ID protection covers more scenarios now.
Fix: You can change the refresh interval of background data again.
Fix: Library nodes will always show up.
Fix: Filter for tickets by user works again.
Fix: The "Last down" value is displayed again.
Fix: Gauges of the SNMP Dell EqualLogic Member Health Sensor are correctly displayed now.

Many other minor improvements and fixes.

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A powerful monitoring tool.