PingPlotter Free is a graphical traceroute and ping tool.

A straightforward interface means you'll be using the program right away. Enter a target computer or domain name, optionally choose a trace interval (15 options ranging from 1 second to 60 minutes), click Start and you're off.

The application sends ICMP packets and displays a traceroute-like table of the results, including hop number, IP address, name, current and average ping time.

PingPlotter Free then repeats this process after whatever trace interval you've specified, displaying a graph of the average response time and range for each hop, along with a separate timeline which plots your round trip time for the last ten minutes.

The table and graph can be customised in various ways (figures displayed, graph colour, more), and when you're happy the image or figures may be copied to the clipboard for easy sharing.

The developer produces two commercial versions of the program with many more features, both of which can be sampled during the 30 day trial before it reverts to the free build.

PingPlotter Standard ($39.99) extends your monitoring history to 48 hours, allows tracing by TCP or UDP packets as well as ICMP, offers customisable alerts to warn you of problems, and more.

PingPlotter Professional ($199.95) goes further with a 7 day history graph, multi-target tracing, VoIP metrics, a scripting engine, named configurations, load and merge for sample sets, a remote agent and web interface.

What's new in 5.02.7? See the full changelog for more.
- We worked hard on this release to streamline workspace management for our Professional edition users (with some benefits to Standard and Free as well).
- PingPlotter now keeps track of the last workspace you used and reopens it automatically each time you launch PingPlotter. No more confusing options to set them to load again.
- For users of Standard and Professional versions, we also gave you a quick option to open with a clean workspace every time. In your options just choose "Do not open targets on launch" and we... um... won't open any of your targets the next time the program is launched.
- In the process of streamline workspaces, we squashed a number of bugs that affected session management, workspaces, and switching between different sets of data.
- And while we were "under the hood" we made some speed and general performance improvements. Tune-ups are always a good thing.

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It's not going to change your world, but PingPlotter Free is a likeable network monitor, easy to use and with a clear and informative display.