Armed with an iPhone, you have access to the internet almost anywhere, but there are occasions when an internet connection is not available. In such circumstances, having simply bookmarked a web page is not enough, as you will still not be able to access it. Instapaper Free enables you to save online content for offline reading at your convenience.

This means that you can easy browse and store web sites and read them on the tube when you may not be able to establish a stable internet connection. By creating a free Instapaper account, the pages you bookmark are also stored at the Instapaper web site so they can be viewed on any computer with an internet connection.

The process of creating a bookmarklet in Safari to allow for easy saving of online content is not perfect, but it does work. By default the app works in text-only mode for optimised reading, but there is also the option of downloading graphics if required. The app is ideal for long documents and the online storage facility is a real boon.

Instapaper 5.0 brings these changes:

* New look and feel
* Sort your "Read Later" article lists! You can order your articles by date, article length, popularity, or shuffle
* Filter your articles by reading time
* Better parsing and organization for videos
* New and improved Sepia theme
* Improved parsing abilities
* Darker splash screen for better night reading experience
* Translated in Spanish, Russian, Chinese and 10 other languages
* Fixed crashes when app opens and on theme change

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Instapaper provides a great way to save content to read at your convenience - simple and effective.