Cent Browser is a Chromium-based browser with a range of extras and bonus features.

There's a Firefox-like scrollable tab bar. You're able to set the minimum width of a tab, and then scroll the tab bar using the mouse wheel to find whatever you need.

A comprehensive set of mouse gestures allow you to navigate forward or back, move through your tabs, toggle full screen, reload, view downloads or history, and more, just by holding down the right mouse button and making a mouse action.

Tab-related improvements include a customisable New tab (set it to open your preferred URL, maybe always open in Incognito mode), extra navigation options (double or right-click to close a tab, switch tabs with the mouse wheel), and new ways to prevent a pinned tab from being accidentally closed.

Under the hood tweaks like lazy session loading, automatic memory optimization and an optional single render process aim to reduce the browser's impact on your system.

Smaller bonus tools include a configurable Boss key, a QR code generator, and right-click options to use Yahoo!, Bing and other engines when searching for selected text.

What's new? (Changelog):

Upgraded to Chromium 59.0.3071.115
Changed setting pages to material design
Added new tab dial feature
Allow loop selection by Up/Down key in location bar drop down menu
Use dialog instead of tab for clearing browsing data
Randomize image selection for new tab background image(when using a folder)
Hide footer if new tab thumbnail rows is zero
[Bug fixes]The option regarding fast save image name works incorrect
[Bug fixes]--device-scale-factor doesn't take effect in startup command line
[Bug fixes]Custom.css doesn't work properly if the content including double quotes
[Bug fixes]Content in text control is copied automatically
[Bug fixes]Super drag tip window shows even if the drop target is a text control
[Bug fixes]Illegal characters may lead to browser crash in settings page

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Cent Browser is a likeable app with a good set of features, but it's short on documentation, and figuring out how to use its various extras can take a while.