Plane9 is a versatile music visualiser which also works well as a Windows screensaver.

If you're bored with your audio player's own visualiser (or it doesn't have one) then Plane9 gives you instant access to 260+ custom "scenes": simple spectrums, galaxy-type swirls, spinning cubes, raindrops, smoke, fire, even some text and cartoon-type effects.

Plane9 doesn't stop there. Once you've discovered the scenes you like, you're able to combine them in a playlist, set up a minimum time for each one, maybe allow transition effects between the two: there are lots of possibilities. (This YouTube video gives you some idea, although it's only one example: if you'd prefer something more laid back, say, that's just as easy to arrange.)

Plane9 can be run as a WinAmp or Windows Media Player plugin, instantly adding itself as a new music visualiser.

Alternatively, the program can be used as a sound-sensitive screensaver (or run as a window) where it'll react to whatever you're playing in any other media player.

- Preload scene on a background thread in screensaver and windowed mode to avoid hickups during scene changes. Can be turned off in options window if it causes issues.
-Only inject shader functions we actually use. Cuts down shader compilation from 40ms to 15ms for a simple shader
Allow foreground scenes to use the PreviousLayer node for much better scene compositions for some scenes
New PBR shader including lightDirectional and lightPoint
Added fresnel functions, perturbNormalTexture, perturbNormal, noisederiv, rand(float)
Respect randomize setting during recorde mode
Mesh instancer will use point sprites if no mesh is connected
F2/Ctrl+A to toggle always on top in windowed mode

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Plane9's scenes vary considerably in quality, but there are plenty of great examples, and it works well both as a music visualiser and a customisable screensaver.