The prospect of a miniature version of Photoshop running on an iPhone sound appealing but, understandably, Mobile does not provide access to the world famous image editor's impressive set of tools. What it does provide user with however, is a quick and easy way to make simple edits to their photographs and the ability to apply a number of special effects to images.

Image editing options such as rotation, cropping, straightening and flipping may seem basic, but they are welcome additions to the iPhone which offers very limited options when it comes to working with photos. The app also includes a number of colour adjustment options such as colour balance, exposure, and saturation.

If you want to get a little more creative with your snapshots, a range of effects and filters are on hand to enable you to do so. Sketch, soft focus and sharpen are great enhancements to many images, while vibrant, pop rainbow, white glow and many more allow for more eye catching effects.

Borders can also be added to images to round things off, and there is an impressive selection to choose from. Image editing on the iPhone is always going to be limited, but Mobile is the best offering so far.

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Adobe's fingertip photo editor is impressive and makes it easy to liven up otherwise dull images.