Camtasia (previously Camtasia Studio) is a powerful screencasting tool that makes it easy to record what's happening on your PC, convert the results into a polished presentation, then share it with the world.

The program has many applications. You could use it to create a demo of your latest software, for instance. Or a technical support clip showing people how to perform some complicated PC task. Camtasia can record your performance in many games, so you can show off your skills. And it's even able to save a local copy of a streaming video clip, complete with audio.

Capturing is straightforward. Choose the size or window you'd like to capture, click the Record button and carry out whatever actions you need. Press [F10] when you're finished and Camtasia will convert your screen activity into a movie.

A wide range of editing options will then help to change your rough cut into something more professional. You're able to insert title pages, apply captions, include photos or video clips, add a soundtrack, and more. It's easy to highlight cursor movements and mouse clicks to help people see what you're doing, or, if you prefer, you can have Camtasia zoom in on important areas. It's even possible to add graphics with clickable links that will take viewers to another part of the video, or an external web page.

When you've finished, Camtasia can export your movie to many different formats: MP4, FLV, SWF, MPV, AVI, Silverlight-compatible WMV, MOV, RM, even animated GIF or MP3. Or, if you prefer, the program will upload your movie directly to YouTube or, TechSmith's own video hosting service.

What's new in Camtasia 9?

- The latest release brings the Windows and Mac editions together. The Mac version has gained popular Windows features like Grouping and Quizzing, both editions are now project-compatible (start on Windows, finish on a Mac), and there's no more "Camtasia Studio" or "Camtasia for Mac"-- they're both mildly rebranded as "Camtasia".
- Camtasia is now a 64-bit application, bringing faster rendering
- Behaviors are new motion effects - bounces, rolls, fades, slides, jumps - for your text, images and video. You can apply them by dragging and dropping, or fine-tune every aspect of the animation to suit your needs.
- A library of "Video Assets" gives you intro slides, backgrounds, music tracks, icons and assorted other professionally-designed components, ready to enhance your projects
- More intuitive editing enables dragging and dropping anything into the preview window, and arranging it just as required
- New video editing options include adjusting colours, brightness, contrast and saturation
- The interface has seen a major redesign, giving it a fresh new look and simplifying usage
- There's new support for importing animated GIFs
- There's also updated callouts, an extended properties panel, quizzing enhancements and more

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Camtasia Studio is a great screen recorder and video editor, but will you love it enough to pay the heavyweight price?