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Public cloud deployment causes complexity ‘headache’, says Xerox CIO

Public cloud deployment causes complexity ‘headache’, says Xerox CIO

Printer and copier firm Xerox is adopting Oracle’s cloud HR tools to standardise its global IT environment, as it attempts to transform itself and become a supplier of outsourcing services. read more »

Microsoft rolls out Groups feature to Office 365 users, but only on the web

Microsoft continues to add collaboration features to Office, beginning its rollout of a new Groups feature to allow small teams to better work together. read more »

Bogus bug apps offer no relief in Japan's dengue outbreak

Tokyo, futuristic metropolis of the 21st century, is grappling with a public health problem it hasn't seen since World War II -- dengue fever. read more »

Uber defiant in face of new legal challenge

Uber is pushing back against the latest legal challenge to its business, saying accusations against it and its competitors are inaccurate and need correcting. read more »

Amazon Web Services readies for major reboot

Amazon Web Services will be updating a substantial number of its cloud servers, and has asked customers to re-launch their instances in the coming days, according to AWS consultants. read more »

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Securing the Enterpise

Join ComputerworldUK'S editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyber criminals.

Google Nexus series

Google Nexus series

The latest news, features and slideshows about Google's Nexus series, including the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet.


Part 2 of your journey to virtualisation

Explore how you can improve your servers, storage and networks by developing your infrastructure.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Check out our latest articles on Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

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Ten major Office 365 migration gotchas to avoid

Migrating to Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular among businesses both large and small. The upside of moving from an on-premises environment to one hosted online by Microsoft offers compelling benefits. But switcher beware: Early Office 365 adopters have come back from their migration path battle-worn by a slew of unexpected perils they encountered along the way. read more »

What these 6 CEOs learned from working at Salesforce

Salesforce launched 15 years ago. With annual revenues expected at more than $5 billion this year, it is hard to remember those days when Salesforce was a scrappy start up, trying to sell enterprise customers on the benefits of the multi-tenant software-as-a-service model. read more »

Microsoft Promises Frequent Office 365 Roadmap Updates

Frequent updates to cloud software can cause compatibility problems – which is why Microsoft has outlined plans to help your other applications play nicely with Office 365. read more »

Google targets business users with cloud, Docs advances

After focusing on Android during much of today's lengthy keynote, Google officials turned their attention to the enterprise. read more »

Don’t view IT as ‘blockers’, Jaguar Land Rover IT director tells cloud vendors

Cloud vendors that bypass IT departments risk creating system architecture problems at a later date and could ultimately destroy their customer relationships, warns Jaguar Land Rover’s head of IT. read more »

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Public cloud deployment causes complexity ‘headache’, says Xerox CIO

Develops global cloud HR strategy to support business transformation

Financial Times expands digital subscription services with cloud billing platform

Zuora Saas system feeds into CRM and data warehouse

What these 6 CEOs learned from working at Salesforce

Learning from the SaaS pioneer

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The power of the cloud

Driving business model innovation read more »

Private Cloud – It’s More Than Just Virtualisation

Maximise your private cloud benefits read more »

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The cloud should be a glasshouse not a mysterious black box

If SMEs don't trust the cloud it's because they fail to do due diligenceread more »

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company's "devices and services" strategy is dead. So, what should Microsoft focus on instead?

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Securing the Enterprise

Join ComputerworldUK's editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyber criminals

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone is your source for software downloads, video, whitepapers and news on how you can keep your business data safe. Read more...

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