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With a focus on open source and digital rights, Simon is a director of the UK's Open Rights Group and president of the Open Source Initiative. He is also managing director of UK consulting firm Meshed Insights Ltd.

Links: Parting Words, Public Statements

Friday and the weekend saw a surprising number of notable public departures and statements in my old neighbourhood. Here's a link round-up.

Article comments
It's autumn, the leaves are falling and the nights are drawing in. The season for endings is upon us. (updated twice as news emerged)

  • Mike Shapiro Leaves Oracle
    Another of the top Solaris guys quits. A key figure in the development the Fishworks project and ZFS storage appliance development as well as co-creator of DTrace, Mike was also the VP that led Solaris development post-acquisition and shut down OpenSolaris for Oracle. I wonder if Mike will ask for a blog?

  • Brendan Gregg Leaves Oracle
    Another of the guys from the Fishworks/Solaris kernel team. I’m not sure there’s anyone left from the team of superstars who moved over to establish Fishworks now.

  • Doug Lea resigns from the JCP
    “I believe that the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body, and there is no remaining useful role for an independent advocate for the academic and research community on the EC.”
    Doug is a widely respected member of the Java community and his proposed replacement on the JCP by an unknown Oracle partner is controversial.

  • Ian Skerratt says Dear Oracle, Get A Clue
    "I hate to tell you but you need some help with the  Java community. The basic problem is that people don’t trust you and you aren’t very good at community building; in fact you are pretty bad at community marketing."
    The staff at Eclipse have traditionally avoided criticising their sponsors, but clearly the overall tide is too much for their marketing director in this strongly-worded blog posting.

  • Following the news that Apple is deprecating Java on the Mac (coverage), James Gosling calls Steve Jobs on a statement about the Java port. The truth is Sun always preferred platform providers to manage the port of Java for their operating system - even if it was sometimes necessary to step in when they stopped.  It led to a much better developer and user experience all round to have all the twiddly bits (especially the UI) done by the platform owner's core engineers.

  • LibreOffice is, after all, and until proven otherwise, a downstream version of, and as such deserves inclusion into the community. As for the fork itself, and because we’re still a downstream version of, forks become forks only when one of the boys refuse to play ball with the others; and the Oracle team of just did that.”
    Charles leaves the OO.o Community Council and leadership of the national language team. As someone once said, Rehost And Carry On.

  • Florian Effenburger on Wind of Change
    Florian Effenburger steps down as marketing project lead. He has always been the model of leadership in that role, patient, tolerant and firm when necessary, and I am sure he will be missed. His replacement Peter Junge is from Red Flag 2000, a Sun/Oracle partner in China developing the Red Office distribution of, and used to work in Sun’s Hamburg team on StarOffice.

  • Cor Nouws Resigns From Community Council
    Another casualty of the antipathy from those controlling towards the Document Foundation and the downstream LibreOffice project.

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