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  • The Digital Waiting Game

    Can the UK lead a digital industrial revolution in Europe? Conventional wisdom often seems to assume not. But the opportunity lies not in creating UK technology giants but in recognizing that every business is a digital business.

  • The data scientist deficit: How to fill the need

    The explosion of data and near constant developments in analytics technology created a new talent demand by organisations looking to capitalize on this growing digital currency. Today, organisations are desperate to find and retain individuals capable of gaining insights from this data and producing tangible business results from it.

  • Think your customer is king? Think again.

    Customer demands have certainly shaped the media and entertainment industry since its inception. And now, with always-on, always-connected digital technologies at everyone’s disposal, those demands have reached a fever pitch.

  • Automation and analytics can help sustain a manufacturing revival

    With demand picking up for industrial equipment manufacturers they are exploring how they might apply technology to existing assets as they wait to see if the demand is part of a long-term trend. For years, they have relied on automation to improve the output and efficiency of their plants, and to help them break through capacity constraints inherent in the prevailing manufacturing approach.

  • Financial Services Social Media Marketing: Listening isn’t enough anymore

    Social networks are growing at pace; by 2017, the global social network audience is expected to total 2.55 billion. Many financial services firms have responded to this shift by using social media to listen to their customers and monitor their brands, but they are not yet using it to generate tangible business benefits.

  • A recovering but lagging Europe must embrace digital disruption

    On the surface at least, the European economy is recovering but it remains behind on competitiveness. The hangover from the financial crash remains with unemployment levels raging, and debt still at high levels in some countries. But despite the attention paid to the President of the European Central Bank’s latest monetary intervention, or the lively debate over the next President of the Commission, business leaders in many parts of the EU are more optimistic about the outlook.

  • The impact of technology on the future of retail

    A number of technology trends over the past five years have dramatically altered the retail landscape. Today, every customer is a digital customer, with rapidly rising expectations about the quality and ubiquity of a seamless shopping experience...

  • Product development needs to go digital

    With UK companies spending £27bn on research and development annually, the ability to maximize the impact of R&D spend has never been so important. This has put the spotlight on the processes used to design and manufacture products, for...

  • Winning the 24/7 Digital Customer

    Today’s retail customers are a formidable force. In what is now an always on world, customer expectations are continually shifting, they browse online and often buy with their smartphones, yet they also like stores - provided their...

  • Personalised recommendations powered by analytics

    In today’s digital world, consumers are faced with a head-spinning plethora of choices when shopping. Companies in all industries - retail, healthcare, and financial services for example - are chasing the same customers on various channels...

  • Digital operations for the digital business

    Digital technology is dramatically transforming every industry, changing the way companies service customers, make products, manage operations, and engage and support their workforces. But while the rest of the business-and the rest of the...

  • Accelerating the next wave of cloud adoption

    As businesses focus more on digital, the need to accelerate IT delivery is becoming more important. Recent research from Accenture reveals that companies that invest in digital technologies and improving customer experiences are able to identify...

  • How to build the data centre of the future

    Infrastructure in the data centre is growing rapidly. Applications are generating a mountain of data that hungrily consumes all available storage. Business leaders are clamoring for new, flexible services to meet fast-changing needs and compete...

  • Exploring revenue opportunities within enterprise data

    Many companies are aware of the opportunities embedded in their enterprise data, but very few have developed active strategies to monetise it successfully. Now is the time! Market forces such as the decrease in cost of storing data, combined with...

  • In pursuit of analytics ROI

    Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies realise that analytics capabilities are required to compete effectively in today’s marketplace that is increasingly impacted by the economic and social shift toward digital. Yet very few...

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