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Glyn Moody

Glyn Moody's look at all levels of the enterprise open source stack. The blog will look at the organisations that are embracing open source, old and new alike (start-ups welcome), and the communities of users and developers that have formed around them (or not, as the case may be).

How Unified Patent Court May Repeat US's Past Mistakes

Patent problems

by Glyn Moody

Back in May, I wrote about a very interesting paper discussing some potential pitfalls of the new Unified Patent Court. Given the magnitude of the change that it and the unitary patent system will bring, it is extraordinary that we still don't really know how things will work out in practice. That makes another paper called " The Unified Patent Court (UPC) in Action - How Will the Design of the UPC Affect Patent Law? " particularly welcome, since, as its title suggests, it explores how the new UPC is likely to shape the contours of patent law in Europe.

September 22, 2014 5:00:00 PM Read Full Post

CoreOS: Open Source Future of Enterprise Computing?

open source in the enterprise

by Glyn Moody

GNU/Linux is winning pretty much everywhere these days - well, aside from the desktop. On supercomputers, mobiles and embedded devices it dominates completely, but in the world of enterprise computing, where it has certainly done well, there's room for it to take further market share. How might it do that? One of the huge advantages that free software has over traditional closed source programs is that new companies can take existing code and come up with exciting new solutions very quickly, without the need for massive and long drawn-out research and development programs.

September 18, 2014 11:13:00 AM Read Full Post

FixMyDocument and Global Legislative Openness

openness everwhere

by Glyn Moody

Back in July, I wrote about the huge win for open standards when the UK government announced that it would be adopting ODF for sharing or collaborating on government documents. I also implored the open community to support this initiative in every way it could to ensure that it took root and maybe even spread. So I'm delighted to see that Open Forum Europe has done just that with a new site called (Although I am a "fellow" of the associated Open Forum Academy, I had nothing to do with this.) Here's how the FAQ explains the initiative:

September 15, 2014 3:15:00 PM Read Full Post

Please Write to MEPs Now to Keep ISDS Out of CETA

keep ISDS out of CETA

by Glyn Moody

Last week I asked you to write to the relevant UK minister in order to keep ISDS out of CETA. I said at the time it was a bit of a long shot given his obvious support for the idea. However, we have another chance with a group that is likely to be much more rational about this. Tomorrow, the Members of the European Parliament are holding a debate where they can discuss these issues. Again, this is not likely to change things dramatically, but if enough MEPs speak out against including ISDS in CETA it will add to the growing pressure on the European Commission. Worth a try, I think...

September 15, 2014 12:16:00 PM Read Full Post

After the Fork: Financing Open Source Software

Funding forks

by Glyn Moody

One of the key moments in the history of free software was the rise of companies based around open source. After the first wave of startups based around offering distros and support for them - Red Hat being perhaps the most famous and successful example - there followed a second wave of companies offering open source versions of key enterprise software, many of them described in the early posts of this blog.

September 12, 2014 1:11:00 PM Read Full Post

Please Write Now to Keep ISDS Out of CETA

by Glyn Moody

On Monday, I explained how CETA's ISDS chapter could make a similar option in TTIP moot. I noted that CETA is very close to being signed, and that even if this is only the beginning of the ratification journey, it was an important...

September 10, 2014 10:56:01 AM Read Full Post


by Glyn Moody

In my last TTIP column, I discussed the CETA negotiations with Canada, which started before those of TTIP, but have continued in parallel with them. That's because what happens with CETA has a massive effect on TTIP, in part because it acts as a...

September 08, 2014 3:14:23 PM Read Full Post

The Open Access Schism: Recapitulating Open Source?

by Glyn Moody

As well as in free software itself, this column is interested in the ways that the ideas underlying open source are spreading far and wide. One of the earliest manifestations was in the field of academic publishing, where open access has been...

September 04, 2014 10:08:49 AM Read Full Post


by Glyn Moody

As I mentioned in my previous update, the TTIP negotiations are currently paused until the end of the month, but that does not mean that all activity has stopped. By an interesting coincidence, the other major EU trade agreement - that with...

September 01, 2014 3:47:53 PM Read Full Post

OpenStreetMap: the Next Truly Indispensable Open Project

by Glyn Moody

Last year, I described OpenStreetMap (OSM) as the "open source of maps". On the occasion of the project's tenth anniversary, I'd like to explore this important example of open collaboration in a little more detail, and explain why I think it is...

August 28, 2014 2:34:10 PM Read Full Post

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