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How do you engage the customer when the customer is the bank itself?

The B2B customer journey can deliver as much value as its B2C counterpart

by IDC analysts

Workforce optimisation tech provider Verint has undertaken a fascinating initiative to document and improve the way it engages its customers across all of the industries it serves, including financial services. This initiative, which they call the Customer Experience Journey, although created with the humble goal of improving client relationships, has far-reaching implications for the highly-regulated financial services industry, where vendor partners have become more and more strategically important to the institution, and where IT providers have come under increased scrutiny in the context of 3rd party risk.

July 07, 2015 10:52:00 AM Read Full Post

Retail forecasting. It's time for a rethink

As Sainsbury's, Tesco and M&S struggle and with onmi-channel retailing here to stay...

by IDC analysts

I've been thinking about forecasting in the context of 3rd Platform characteristics of cloud computing, big data and analytics, social business, and mobility. Commercial forecasting applications came of age on the 2nd Platform. That business and technology model of forecasting is ill-fitted for 3rd Platform omni-channel retailing. This posting summarises my point of view.

January 08, 2015 12:36:00 PM Read Full Post

Leveraging collaboration for service innovation

How IT suppliers are helping manufacturers apply social technologies during product maintenance

by IDC analysts

At IDC Manufacturing Insights, we've spent a lot of time discussing with manufacturers how they are adopting 3rd platform technologies - namely cloud, big data, mobile and social - into their critical business processes and functional areas

September 24, 2014 9:44:00 AM Read Full Post

The traffic stop: Rethinking technology and government innovation

Most innovations in government services will come from new ways of mixing current technologies


The future of government innovation in services and service delivery won't necessarily be found in new technologies, but will instead come from remixing current technologies in new and interesting ways.

September 22, 2014 9:57:00 AM Read Full Post

Are we heading towards a case of too many SDDC stacks?

Suppliers who sign up top OpenStack should make hardware standard and innovate in software

by IDC analysts

Much of the messaging at the recently held 2014 VMworld conference was focused on the software-defined data centre (SDDC) or software-defined infrastructure (SDI). It is clear that the supplier community seems to be taking this concept to the...

September 01, 2014 9:49:49 AM Read Full Post

Customer service is dead - long live customer experience

The physical retail experience should be an extension of the online experience

by IDC analysts

A recent discussion with an experienced industry leader who is working to reimagine the role of the high street store has highlighted some important implications of current retail omni-channel trends that will have a profound impact on retail...

August 22, 2014 10:11:19 AM Read Full Post

Should storage be considered as a workload in hyperconverged platforms?

Hypervisor development offers a huge step forward in storage

by IDC analysts

A vendor recently asked us what constituted the categorisation of anything as a workload. My immediate answer was to say “any process or set of processes that runs in the user space and provide a service to an external entity”....

August 21, 2014 10:20:01 AM Read Full Post

Intel's role in the future of software-defined infrastructure

Intel led the hardware standardisation revolution. It should do the same for software defined infrastructure

by IDC analysts

One of the mostly commonly talked about terms in the ICT industry today is "the software defined infrastructure". Some call it "software-defined data centre" and others prefer to use their own compute, networking and storage centric buzzwords...

August 19, 2014 11:50:05 AM Read Full Post

Analytic applications and the internet of things

Gearing up for the next wave

by IDC analysts

The rise of Internet connected devices presents opportunities to harvest the data and leverage it for new types of intelligent applications and services. This post reviews some of the factors impacting demand and supply of a new wave of analytic...

August 15, 2014 10:02:50 AM Read Full Post

The new face of risk and finance

Forging a collaborative partnership

by IDC analysts

A perfect storm is brewing across the global insurance industry. Unless you have been hiding under a rock these past years, you would know how the volatile markets and intensifying profitability pressures from mounting consumer expectations and...

July 16, 2014 12:31:55 AM Read Full Post

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