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The Jericho Forum is an international group of organisations working together to define and promote the solutions surrounding the issue of de-perimeterisation. Members include top IT security officers from multi-national Fortune 500s & entrepreneurial user companies, major security vendors, government, & academics. Working together, members drive approaches and standards for a secure, collaborative online business world.



Introducing the Jericho Forum on Computerworld UK

A short introduction to a brand new Computerworld UK blog...

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When the Jericho Forum launched its concept of de-permiterisation in 2003 many in the IT security world were sceptical.

The notion that organisations should secure their data, rather than worrying about the infrastructure that supports and carries data, may have come from the best security brains at leading organisations such as Procter & Gamble, BP and the Royal Mail, but it was regarded by many as a dangerous heresy.

Perhaps it wasn’t surprising that vendors whose business was selling ever more complex and expensive perimeter defence technology would dismiss the concepts developed by the Jericho Forum.

But the message was also uncomfortable for many CIOs who were engaged in an increasingly expensive, losing battle to secure their infrastructure.

Today, however, the notion of de-perimiterisation should be blindingly obvious. We live in a world of cloud computing, software as a service, social networking and extended enterprise supply chains.

The old physical perimeter has gone. Security and protection depends on maintaining the integrity of the data itself. The focus on threat protection is being replaced with a one that emphasises infrastructure architecture and design.

The hard battle fought by the Jericho Forum to promote this concept has some way to go, which is why Computerworld UK is proud to launch a blog from Jericho Forum.

It will carry comment and insight from some of the most experienced IT security professionals working today, and it will be an important place for the Forum to develop its ideas for the future.

Make sure you get the feed to this blog and feel free to join in the discussions any it stimulates.

Mike Simons, Editor Computerworld UK


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