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Siobhan decided that the world would be far better off if she stuck to writing about technology, rather than trying to fix it as she can't even work a toaster without a touch of fire. When she's not cursing her computer, Siobhan can often be found racing around conference halls. Her philosophy degree has helped her to ponder the future of technology and its place in the business world.

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InfoSec 2009: Cyber police need resources and partnerships

Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, who heads Police Central E-Crime Unit (PCeU), called on security professionals to volunteer their time in helping train regional police. read more »

British Library 5-year CRM project 'delights readers'

The British Library's five-year CRM project is delivering significant customer benefits after consolidating 37 customer databases into one system. read more »

Budget broadband promise risks leaving UK with 'third class' service

Alistair Darling's announcement that the government will help deliver broadband at two megabits per second by 2012 for almost every home in Britain, was met with criticism from analysts and lobby groups that predict a digital divide. read more »

Concern mounts that Budget will damage IT

Public sector IT leaders have expressed concern that IT could be hit by raised expectations and reduced funding following Alistair Darling’s budget. read more »

Tories buy Budget-related Google keywords

The Conservative party is buying Google keywords related to Alistair Darling's Budget speech, in order to direct internet users to its "live rebuttal" site. read more »

Massive 2 million PCs botnet uncovered

One of the largest botnets ever to be discovered has infected 1.9 million computers around the world, including corporate and government machines, according to a security firm. read more »

Cutting Government IT costs by £7.2bn is central to Budget 2009

Whitehall CIOs will need to renegotiate IT procurement contracts and standardise back office functions if the Government is to hit its target of £7.2 billion in savings. read more »

Budget 2009: What will Darling do for IT?

Tomorrow's Budget will have a strong technology focus, as lobby groups call for technology funding, better efficiencies and job stimulation. read more »

Oracle's Sun merger raises questions over MySQL, antitrust

Today's announcement that Oracle will buy Sun for $7.4 billion has surprised both analysts and industry observers. read more »

UPDATE Oracle buys Sun for $7.4bn

Oracle has announced plans to buy Sun Microsystems in a deal valued at $7.4 billion (£5.07 billion). read more »

ICO: British Council breached Data Protection Act

British Council has been found in breach of the Data Protection Act after losing an unencrypted computer disc containing the sensitive data of 2,000 employees. read more »

Online crime and ID theft top Britons concerns

The recession is fuelling fear of identity theft and fraud amongst people, according to new security research. read more »

Jericho Forum helps secure cloud computing environments

Businesses installing cloud computing environments risk opening a "Pandora's Box of security nightmares", according to independent security group the Jericho Forum. read more »

Organised crime behind 90% of hacking attacks

Hackers stole more data last year than in the previous four years, according to new research. read more »

Hackers hit top websites to make thousands of security compromises

Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of weaknesses in web applications and plug-ins to turn legitimate websites into a source of malicious code, according to a report issued today by Symantec. read more »

Companies overestimate offshoring savings

The recession is pushing businesses to cut the cost of their software portfolios, but most companies overestimate the savings that offshoring can deliver, according to Compass Management Consulting. read more »

Premier League shoots for hosted email security goal

The Premier League has turned to hosted email security solution to support communications for officials, clubs and key sponsors. read more »

Laming review finds child care hampered by IT

The Integrated Children's System (ICS) project is hampering social workers' efforts and should be replaced by a single national IT system, according to Lord Laming's report into child protection in England . read more »

Government to retender for core NHS IT systems

NHS chief executive David Nicholson has admitted the Department of Health will tender for alternatives to the iSoft Lorenzo and Cerner Millennium care record systems. read more »

Did BBC break computer misuse act with botnet?

The BBC has been criticised by security experts and a lawyer after it hacked into 22,000 PCs in a special investigation into the damage that can be done with a network of compromised computers. read more »

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