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John is one of the co-founders of Techworld, following a spell working for Tornado Insider, the European magazine for tech start-ups. He started in IT journalism as technical editor of Personal Computer Magazine, before progressing to become editor of Network World (formerly LAN Magazine) and Network Week before helping to set up Techworld Insider. He has also freelanced for a number of technical publications in the technology, science and business fields.

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Queens University Belfast given £5 million to expand cyber security centre

Funding part of major £38 million, five-year expansion programme read more »

NCC Group splashes £55 million for Accumuli Security

Manchester-based security consultancy firm NCC Group is to buy Basingstoke-based Accumuli Security for £55 million ($83 million) in one of the UK’s biggest services deals for some time. read more »

Cyber-insurance still too expensive and complex, Government report admits

Government wants London to become the world centre for the provision of cyber-risk insurance read more »

NHS Dumfries and Galloway spotted Heartbleed bug using Qualys cloud scanning

NHS Dumfries and Galloway spotted its vulnerability to last year's shock Heartbleed SSL flaw in the early days of using Qualys's Cloud cloud-based vulnerability management system, the organisation has said. read more »

Public sector still adapting to security challenge of digital transformation

Britain’s public sector is coping reasonably well with the information management challenges caused by the Government’s digital transformation strategy, according to a survey of 150 senior professionals carried out on behalf of document specialist Iron Mountain. read more »

Check Point 'threat extraction' tech cleans booby-trapped email attachments

Blade customers offered new email security system to beat common attack read more »

Government announces 'pathways' to boost cybersecurity takeup among young

Tinkering around the edges? read more »

The CISO's best friend is a managed security app called Orama

ITC Secure Networking offers software to high-level customers read more »

Flintshire Council deploys encrypted email using Egress Switch

Flintshire County Council in North Wales is deploying an encrypted email system that will make it possible to secure messages sent to recipients both inside and outside the organisation. read more »

Students looking to make £2,500? GCHQ has the cyber summer school for you

GCHQ has announced a ten-week ‘cyber insiders summer school’ for aspiring white hat hackers, the latest attempt by the Government security organisation to uncover the next generation of British cyber-talent. read more »

Edinburgh becomes latest 'Gigabit city' with new 150km fibre network

Infrastructure provider CityFibre and Scottish firm Commsworld have partnered to build a 150km fibre network through and around Edinburgh in a project the pair claim will put the capital on par with fibre hotspots, Stockholm, Seoul and Kansas City. read more »

John Lewis mail glitch leaves customers with £1.53 bill for marketing circular

An unknown number of John Lewis and Waitrose customers have been asked to pay a £1.53 postage charge by the Royal Mail after a franking machine failed to correctly stamp letters sent out as part the firm’s latest credit card marketing campaign. read more »

Insurance firm Staysure fined £175,000 for 'unbelievable' credit card hack

The ICO has handed online insurance firm a stinging £175,000 fine after chaotic security practices allowed hackers to steal details of 100,000 credit card numbers from the firm’s database, several thousand of which experienced fraud. read more »

Healthcare and banks fall short on spam and phishing protection

Despite being relentlessly targeted by phishing and spam, the banking and healthcare sectors are still the least likely to use email security technologies to protect their customers, according to Agari’s Email TrustIndex for 2014. read more »

The NSA is inside hard drive firmware - now what?

It’s been almost five years since the discovery of Stuxnet disabused the world of its naivety about nation state malware but since then more attention has been paid to Edward Snowden’s NSA hacking revelations than the occasional technical insights into old-style spying software. read more »

The $1 billion Carbanak bank heist - how it was done

At a time when physical money makes up a shrinking 8 percent of the currency in circulation, the ATM has become a reminder that people still love taking paper money out of holes in the wall. According to a Kaspersky Lab investigation, leaked to the New York Times at the weekend, we have been reminded that some of the technology’s biggest fans turn out to be criminals. read more »

Lumension and FrontRange announce rebirth as Heat Software

US security firms Lumension and FrontRange have sprung a surprise by announcing a merger that will see the combined 350-employee firm rebrand itself as Heat Software. read more »

CISOs cut out of cyber-insurance decision making, study suggests

Most large enterprises in the UK still aren’t managing risk through dedicated cyber-insurance policies and the few that do buy based on recommendations by legal rather than IT departments, an analysis by non-profit the Corporate Executive Programme(CEP) has found. read more »

Liverpool University cures Dropbox security worries with Varonis file sharing

The University of Liverpool has started using Varonis’s DatAnywhere file sharing system after worries that the unmanaged use of consumer cloud storage services such as Dropbox by staff and students was generating unmanageable security risks. read more »

Microsoft products face increased out-of-band patching, predicts Tripwire

Is life getting easier or worse for admins given the job of patching Microsoft products or is it perhaps just the same as it’s ever been but gradually changing in nature? read more »

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