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John E Dunn

John E Dunn


John is one of the co-founders of Techworld, following a spell working for Tornado Insider, the European magazine for tech start-ups. He started in IT journalism as technical editor of Personal Computer Magazine, before progressing to become editor of Network World (formerly LAN Magazine) and Network Week before helping to set up Techworld Insider. He has also freelanced for a number of technical publications in the technology, science and business fields.

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Chinese businessman used tech firm to hack US aircraft programmes, US alleges

A Chinese businessman used the cover of his aviation firm to steal data on US military aircraft programmes which was then hawked around companies in his home country, the US Department of Justice has alleged. read more »

Windows XP users left high and dry as Oracle ends Java support

Windows XP hold-outs pay attention. If you run the Java runtime on XP, it looks as if the current version is about as good as it gets. The next version, 7u65 and 8u11, due to ship in the middle of July, will not support or run on XP. read more »

MiniDuke state cyber-weapon re-used Russian 'Cosmu' Trojan, F-Secure says

Some versions of the mysterious MiniDuke malware discovered last year targeting European governments shared code with a Trojan tracing its origins back to the early years of the commercial Internet, a new analysis by Finnish firm F-Secure has found. read more »

Bolware payment malware swindles Brazilians out of staggering $3.75 billion, says RSA

Brazilians using the country's Boleto Bancário money payment system could have been swindled out of as much as a staggering $3.75 billion (£2.2 billion) by a piece of malware called 'Bolware, according to a new analysis by security firm RSA Security. read more »

IT admins think antivirus is essential. The Australian Department of Defence begs to differ

IT staff consistently over-rate the importance of security technologies that a study for the Australian Department of Defence (ADoD) based on real-world attacks has assessed as being of much lower importance, according to security firm Avecto. read more »

UK teen arrested for Spamhaus DDoS attacks charged by police

The teen arrested last year in connection with the huge DNS reflection DDoS attack against anti-spam outfit Spamhaus has been charged, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has said. read more »

First seven SMEs bite on Government's flagship Cyber Essentials scheme

The first batch of SMEs have been certified under the pilot phase of Government's flagship Cyber Essentials self-assessment programme, according to the IASME consortium. read more »

US airports compromised during major APT hacking campaign, says CIS

APT hackers successful compromised the networks of two US airport networks in the summer of 2013 as part of a major campaign targeting dozens of others, a report from public sector security non-profit the Center for Internet Security (CIS) has revealed. read more »

Italy's 'Hacking Team' spy Trojan targeting Android and iOS devices, researchers discover

Italy's infamous and dubious hackers-for-hire Hacking Team (or HackingTeam) have set up a worldwide command and control network comprising several hundred servers and expanded into Android and iOS surveillance, a study by Kaspersky Lab and the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab has revealed. read more »

Syrian Electronic Army phishes Reuters ad partner to post political message

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has followed up last week's attacks on The Sunday Times by successfully if briefly hijacking content embedded by the Taboola ad network on Reuters' news website. read more »

Google Play analysis reveals security flaws in apps, say researchers

Researchers analysing Google's Play Store apps using a specially-written ‘crawling' tool uncovered serious security problems that would have allowed attackers to compromise social media and other accounts as well as steal the credentials used by developers running on Amazon's Web Services (AWS). read more »

UK's first cybersecurity fund C5 Capital pumps $8 million into promising Hungarian play BalaBit

The first UK-based fund investing purely in cybersecurity firms, C5 Capital, has launched its $125 million (£73 million) fund by investing in a promising Hungarian security unknown called BalaBit. read more »

TowelRoot Android rooting tool presages malware exploits against kernel flaw

Is the Towelroot tool a simple way for Android smartphone users to gain root access on their devices or an inadvertent proof-of-concept that shows the way to cybercriminals? read more »

UK spooks can spy on social media and YouTube use, argues government submission

The UK’s intelligence services can monitor citizens' social media, search engine and YouTube visits because these are “external communications” that don’t require a specific warrant, the government has argued in a legal submission made public by campaign group Privacy International. read more »

Apple products boom in the enterprise despite lack of management tools

Apple's success in the enterprise market is still being held back by the perception that the platform is difficult to manage, a survey of US businesses by Apple specialist JAMF Software has found. read more »

Domino's Pizza hit with mocking ransom demand after hackers steal 650,000 customer records

Hackers have demanded a €30,000 (£24,000) ransom not to make public the stolen personal details of 650,000 Domino's Pizza French and Belgian customers, including - bizarrely - their favourite special toppings preferences. read more »

UK banks told to pen-test security against real-world threats

Penetration testing just got serious for the UK financial services sector. With the lessons from the Waking Shark and Waking Shark II stress tests of 2012 and 2013 to mull over, the Bank of England, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and CESG have decided to up the ante for financial services firms by quietly insisting they adopt something called CBEST. read more »

Government's Cyber Essentials scheme plots SME security overhaul. But will it work?

Nearly four years into grand Cyber Security Strategy to transform the UK's digital resilience, the Government’s flood of announcements, initiatives and schemes just keep coming. The latest, the CESG-backed Cyber Essentials, was originally trailed in April, but today's official launch offered enough new detail to underline this as one to watch closely. read more »

Researchers spot first ever Android ransom attack that ENCRYPTS data files

Researchers working for security firm ESET have discovered the first ever malware capable of encrypting data files on an Android smartphone as part of a full-blown 'Cryptolocker-style' ransom attack. read more »

ICO rebukes Wolverhampton City Council for "startling" failure to complete data protection training

The Information Commissioner (ICO) has hit Wolverhampton City Council with a 50-day deadline to complete staff data protection training after describing the authority's long-running inability to carry out the task as “startling.” read more »

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