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John is one of the co-founders of Techworld, following a spell working for Tornado Insider, the European magazine for tech start-ups. He started in IT journalism as technical editor of Personal Computer Magazine, before progressing to become editor of Network World (formerly LAN Magazine) and Network Week before helping to set up Techworld Insider. He has also freelanced for a number of technical publications in the technology, science and business fields.

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European suffered 229 public data breaches since 2004, study suggests

US organisations now suffer so many data breaches it has become a full time job simply documenting them. But what has been going on in Europe? read more »

CGI consolidates UK cybersecurity monitoring into two new centres

IT services firm CGI (formerly Logica) is consolidating its UK cyber-security threat monitoring into two centres in Wales and Reading to offer customers a more comprehensive suite of real-time alerts and forensic investigation. read more »

Public sector should be careful with BYOD, says new CESG guidance

The UK government's Communications-Electronics Security Group(CESG) has issued tough new guidance on how the public sector should approach the thorny issue of BYOD for its workforce. read more »

FBI opens malware tool to public as part of radical crowdsourcing plan

The FBI is close to allowing anonymous outsiders to use its Malware Investigator tool for the first time through a dedicated crowdsourcing portal, an official reportedly said at last week's Virus Bulletin conference. read more »

National Crime Agency to feed UK banks real-time cyber-alerts

Britain's banks are to start using a new alerting system that will make it easier for a range of police and government agencies to warn its members of cyberattacks and frauds in real time. read more »

Chinese 'Spike' DDoS botnet targets Windows, Linux and IoT devices

Akamai's Prolexic division has warned of the growing threat from a Chinese toolkit that has started infecting Linux, Windows and embedded systems in order to launch DDoS attacks peaking at hundreds of Gigabits per second. read more »

Android banking malware suspects arrested by Russian police

Police in Russia have reportedly arrested two cybercriminals accused of being behind an Android malware campaign that lifted funds from bank accounts used to top up smartphones. read more »

UK appoints first SME cyber-security 'czar' with £4 million funding boost

The UK Government has appointed Andy Williams from industry body TechUK as its first ever SME cyber-czar and pumped £4 million into a competition for small firms looking to develop new security technology. read more »

Phishing attacks take £30 million toll as UK online bank fraud rises

Online banking losses in the UK reached nearly £30 million ($48 million) in the first half of 2014, as criminals targeted the accounts of businesses that allow higher-value transfers, according to banking organisation Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA). read more »

UK users receive most phishing spam, email analysis suggests

Research by security firm Proofpoint has discovered something unexpected about the flood of spam sent to users in the UK – more of these emails seem to contain malicious links than for other countries. read more »

UK National Cyber Security Programme not delivering promised economic benefits

The UK’s £860 million National Cyber Security Programme has so far failed to deliver the expected economic benefits for businesses, the latest progress report from the National Audit Office (NAO) has found. Businesses might also not be sharing enough threat information. read more »

CryptoWall ransom Trojan has infected 625,000 systems, says Dell SecureWorks

Is ransom malware business on the wane at last? New figures from Dell SecureWorks suggest that the current market leader, CryptoWall, hasn't been as profitable as the infamous CryptoLocker despite infecting more PCs and holding hostage a staggering 5.25 billion files. read more »

CryptoLocker's UK victims escape malware's clutches with backups

Four Yorkshire-based SMEs had a lucky escape from the clutches of the CryptoLocker ransom malware after an IT services firm was able to restore their data from backups. read more »

Former employees have become 'application menace' new study claims

Many SME employees retain alarming levels of access to critical business applications after they’ve stopped working for a company, a survey for cloud services firm Intermedia has claimed. read more »

Massive 300Gbps DDoS attack on media firm fuelled by unpatched server flaw

Hacktivists summoned up a massive and previously undocumented 300Gbps DDoS attack earlier this summer by exploiting an obscure motherboard-level flaw on 100,000 unpatched servers, VeriSign has revealed in its latest quarterly Trends report. read more »

Kovter blackmail Trojan hunts for victims as CryptoLocker fades

Infections caused by the innovative Kovter police blackmail Trojan continued to surge between May and June, security firm Damballa has reported. Could old-style police ransom attacks, once seen as past it, be on their way back with a vengeance? read more »

UK card fraud beats all records as expert predicts more annoying phone checks

UK card fraud reached record levels in 2013 which means that consumers should prepare for more real-time transaction checks when buying goods, a fraud expert has predicted. read more »

Chinese businessman used tech firm to hack US aircraft programmes, US alleges

A Chinese businessman used the cover of his aviation firm to steal data on US military aircraft programmes which was then hawked around companies in his home country, the US Department of Justice has alleged. read more »

Windows XP users left high and dry as Oracle ends Java support

Windows XP hold-outs pay attention. If you run the Java runtime on XP, it looks as if the current version is about as good as it gets. The next version, 7u65 and 8u11, due to ship in the middle of July, will not support or run on XP. read more »

MiniDuke state cyber-weapon re-used Russian 'Cosmu' Trojan, F-Secure says

Some versions of the mysterious MiniDuke malware discovered last year targeting European governments shared code with a Trojan tracing its origins back to the early years of the commercial Internet, a new analysis by Finnish firm F-Secure has found. read more »

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