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CryptoWall ransom malware sneaks onto systems using clickfraud botnet

CryptoWall ransom malware sneaks onto systems using clickfraud botnet

FBI concerned enough to issue public warning after spate of attacks read more »

Wearable tech in the NHS has potential for 'lifestyle advice to replace medication'

NHS England director says digital patient records could integrate with consumer wearables like Fitbit by 2018 read more »

Why do big data projects fail? CTO explains how it uses Cassandra and Hadoop for excellent customer service read more »

Nissan shuns cloud for physical communications infrastructure

Car industry is seeing huge developments in bringing customer service closer to the car dashboard read more »

Zeus and SpyEye banking malware gang arrested in Ukraine

Alleged core members behind notorious malware picked up after Europol operation read more »

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Cybercriminals pounce on serious Flash zero-day flaw

Cybercriminals pounce on serious Flash zero-day flaw

Recently patched vulnerability being used in large-scale attacks after only four days read more »

Former Qualcomm exec sentenced for insider trading

Wang orchestrated a multi-year insider trading scheme while a top official at the company, the DOJ says read more »

Samsung will stop blocking Microsoft software updates

The Korean company will no longer block Microsoft's update service from running on PCs it sells read more »

UK schools connectivity barriers ‘disappointing’ but tablets on the rise in the classroom

Nearly half of UK schools reporting poor connectivity which could hamper their students' digital skills read more »

Home Office has ‘no choice but to use data better’ due to budget cuts

Home Office rolling out data analytics tool built without extra investment read more »

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Why do big data projects fail?

Why do big data projects fail?

Big data projects have a lot of promise, but the majority fail. A recent study found that just 11 percent of corporate leaders in the UK haven’t generated any cash using data, despite recognising the value it could bring. read more »

Can LibreOffice successfully compete with Microsoft Office?

A strategy that involves challenging the dominance of Microsoft Office seems doomed, but LibreOffice may have a chance. read more »

Software developers are failing to implement crypto correctly, data reveals

Lack of specialised training for developers and crypto libraries that are too complex lead to widespread encryption failures read more »

What does the future hold for Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics software is moving to be a service you can build into the tools you need read more »

Ethnic diversity in UK’s boardrooms declining despite wealth of Asian talent in tech

Ethnic diversity on top UK firms is in decline research shows read more »

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Securing the Enterprise

Join ComputerworldUK's editor in chief, Mike Simons and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to respond to cyber criminals.

Microsoft Surface tablet

Microsoft Surface tablet

A look at the latest news, features, slideshows and blogs on Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet.

Why big data in the cloud requires a new, holistic approach to data centre security

Why today's IT departments must prepare to take a much more joined-up and holistic view of data security.

Windows 8

Windows 8

The latest on the new Windows next-generation operating system.

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